Summer Gathering: Here’s the List

Here it is. Our Summer Gathering again. Grandpa and I think about it for a long time before it actually happens. We want you to have fun with us, your cousins and your siblings. We start early in the spring to make it so. Here are many of the activities we have planned for the 4th. (We will have the water slide on the 3rd.)

Please read this list to the little ones !

Stick Puppets

(brightly-colored dinos and monkeys on sticks with mouths that chomp)

Shaving Cream Art

(silly fun in or outside of the water slide)

Driveway Painting with Rollers and Bubble Wrap

(washable chalk paint, textured rollers and colored bubble wrap to pop)

Scooter and Plunger Races

(square scooters with four wheels and plungers to push with)

Flamingo Hat Toss

(wear the flamingo on your head while someone throws the rings)

HUGE Bubbles

(bubbles as big as trains)

Parachute Play

(twelve feet of parachute to lift you into the air)

Laundry Basket Frisbie Golf

(not as easy as you think so you’d better practice)

Pig Poppers in the Bowl

(pop the tiny balls out of the pig’s mouth and into bowls and count)

Dress-Up Relay Obstacle Course for Teams

(flippers, floating tubes, rubber gloves and a wiggly course for grown-ups too)

Moon Sand

(easy to mold and fun to feel with your fingers and toes)

Gold Glitter Slime

(homemade and waiting in gold containers)

Flamingo Lawn Toss

(pink flamingos stuck in the grass)

Fidget Toys

(bowls of finger fun for all ages)

Create a Little World

(sensory bin dinosaurs, animals, fairies, airplanes)

Net the Mermaid

(blindfold, net, rubber pigs and ducks and 2 gold mermaids)

Lasso the Broncos

(Hula Hoops over the bronco heads which grandpa built)

Puppet Shows and Stories

(puppets of all kinds and a puppet stage)

After-Dark Wiffle Balls

(glow-in-the-dark in many colors to throw and find)

Velcro Aprons and Balls to Throw

(who can get rid of their balls first ?)

Story Blocks

(shake them out and tell a story about what you see)

Bag Tosses . Jugglers . Fishy Bags (for your stuff) . Food . Snacks

Ahhhh.  Summer



  1. Lydia Watrous

    This looks so fun! I especially like the create a world thing, the glitter slime, the parachute, and of course the puppets show. This is some really fun stuff!

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