It meant nothing to me. It was just a whimsical hat with a label I did not appreciate. I actually wondered why a perfectly nice flowered hat would have such a bright red label with the word Supreme on it when it would have been quite nice without it.

Here I go, again. Miles behind the times.

Holden saw the hat right after the shirt, which I knew immediately he would like and the very minute he walked into the room. I hadn’t given it a second thought since I bought it but had put it with the other dress-ups for the photo booth. It was to be part of the annual family gathering which pits people against my camera in front of shower curtain backgrounds which are fun, funky and new each year.

First, he made sure that he could have it and I said “of course” with my standard answer which is “you can have anything you want because I like to share and so I expect you to follow my example and share with your brother and sisters”.

Then, he took out his phone, which had stayed in his pocket during the whole visit which had impressed me with the upbringing he was receiving and brought up a website.


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Before me was one of the most expensive lines of skateboarding fashions that I had every seen. I then received one of those “are you a dinosaur?” explanations about the clothing, its costs and popularity.

Hadn’t I seen these clothes “around town” ?

I told him that we live in different towns.

To make a long story short, I hadn’t and I didn’t and I couldn’t believe anything I was hearing and seeing. My purchase of a “never has been worn” baseball cap at Savers, for $2.99 minus 30% because it was Senior Day quickly became the purchase-of-the-century.

On the website the original price was $88 dollars.

Do the math.

I quickly had a huge concern and I said that there were rules:

Put your name in the hat. ( Would a gangster care?)

Don’t wear the hat to the skate park if you go to one.

(Better to never go to a skate park again.)

Don’t take it off for even a minute when you aren’t home.

Don’t let anyone try it on.

Quit taking selfies and sending them to your friends.

If a gangster wants it, let him have it.


“This time, instead of always share . . . Don’t Share. I have my reasons.”


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