Tag. You’re It !

“Perhaps one has to be very old before one learns

to be amused rather than shocked.”

-Pearl S. Buck-

journal entry:

Well, I’m amused how many fun tags I have but you might be shocked.  I must be older than you are.  Over time I have come to love one particular Etsy shop called “iluvdesign”.  Its wonderful owner and designer, Eunice, has customized some of her artwork into these bright and funky cards and tags.  I use them many ways.  I tie them on gifts.  I make them into fabric labels.  I add them to the “Remember Me” books I make.  They appear on pincushions, bean bags, photo journals, sewing things and a host of other projects where a tag is useful.   Thank you, Eunice.  Hope all is well on Etsy !

“It would be so nice

if something made sense for a change.”

-Alice in Wonderland-

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