Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Generations

“Family faces are magic mirrors.

Looking at people who belong to us,

we see the past, present and future.”

-Gail Buckley-

journal entry:

When taking family pictures I prefer the sneaky kind.  If no one knows I am watching them, they won’t smile funny.  If these three generations were lined up, looking at me, I would not have liked the photograph as well as I do.  The three . . . grandpa, grandson and father are sitting at the piano.  At first, little Andrew was preoccupied with the sound of the piano keys.  Then, he discovered his grandpa’s face and things changed.  I love photographs which will touch my heart many years from now.

“The happiest moments in my life

have been those I have spent in the bosom of my family.”

-Thomas Jefferson-

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