Tags and Labels

“Think left and think right,

think low and think high,

Oh, the things you can think of if only you try.”

Dr. Suess

journal entry:

Well, Dr. Suess.  I have searched high and low for unique labels to sew into my projects.  I have found nice labels . . . but not the kind of labels that I had in my head.  So, Dr. Suess . . . I tried !  I found many little pictures in cards, books and in other places.  I created a master of each label just the way I wanted it.  I wanted big and small, round and square, silly and serious, funky and feminine.  Once I had created each master label, I put all of them on a piece of card stock paper with double-stick tape.  Some I made on white card stock and some on black. Then, I made a “best quality” color copy on my home printer.  I printed right onto fabric sheets made for ink jet printers.  When I want to add a label to my sewing project, I simply look through the many labels I have made and choose one that goes with the project . . . the colors and the style.  Then, I cut out the label and sew it on!

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