Tea For Two: Tiny Tins


” There is nothing insignificant. Nothing.”


Little, tiny things are so sweet. These little things I call “keepsakes”. That means that a person will keep them for the sake of how special they are or for the fact that someone special gave them as a gift.  I keep some “little things” from my childhood which still bring peace and pleasure to my soul as I handle them.

The tin is 3 inches across. Inside are two vintage dolls made from plastic, a set of 4 metal plates with utensils and a cupcake for each plate. These are not for little ones but for girls of at least ten. Instructions include keeping the little tin in a high place when not in use and carefully counting each piece before putting on the lid.

A fly on the wall has nothing over me when it comes to listening to the whispered voices of children as they play. I can just imagine the tea party stories that will come out of these little tins.

“The creation of a thousand forests is found in one acorn.”


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