Blessing Jar


journal entry:


I have made many blessing jars over the years.  For myself and for others.  That is because we forget how much we have been given.  How very blessed we are.  This Blessing Jar is made from a blue mason jar which I found at a second-hand store.  Because counting blessings reminds me of the well-known song about falling asleep counting our blessings . . . I decided to call this jar a sleep jar and to keep it by my bed.  When something wonderful comes to mind, I write it on a little piece of paper and drop it in the jar.




There are so many beautiful things to use to embellish such a jar.  I chose this pewter-looking flower pin which looks perfect with the aged tin lid of the blue jar.  Because the pin is curved and the lid is flat, I mounted it on three large pop dots stacked on top of each other.





I remember the words to the song from my childhood.  Many times as an adult I have taken the song’s advice and have truly fallen asleep . . . counting my blessings.


Have you ?








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