Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Acorn

“Our ordinary minds always try to persuade us

that we are nothing but acorns

and that our greatest happiness will be to become

bigger, fatter shinier acorns,

but that is of interest only to pigs.

Our faith gives us knowledge of something better-

that we can become oak trees.”

-E.F. Schumacher-

journal entry:

I didn’t know that pigs liked acorns.  I haven’t been around a lot of pigs and where I live there are few oak trees.  Gathering acorns can be great fun if you happen to be in oak country. Acorns are cute and green and fit in your hands even if your hands are really little.  Grandma’s don’t worry about acorns because they are too big to fit in your mouth and too hard to bite.  Little squirrels, running through the large oak trees overhead might get a little chirpy though.  After all, acorns are their winter snacks.

When the oak is felled

the whole forest echoes with that fall-

but a hundred acorns are sewn in silence

by an unnoticed breeze.

-Thomas Carlyle-

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