Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Decision

“Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.”


journal entry:

Lydia couldn’t decide.  The sprinkles for her birthday cake were different colors.  One color would be for today.  The other color would be for another day.  Who knows how her little mind was working through the problem.  Pink, yellow.  Yellow, pink.  Pink, yellow.  She shouted out “I can’t decide” . . . followed by “I need to taste them”.  Her mother said she would have to decide with her eyes, not her mouth.  She was trying.  Keepsake photographs tell a story.  From this one photograph, combined with others from the same morning, it is easy to write a story about making decisions.  If your temptation was to take the photograph straight on, with Lydia holding the sparkles in each hand . . . overcome it.  There’s no story in that.

“A door must either be shut or open.”

– A Proverb-

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