Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Lineup

“Remember.  As far as anyone knows,

we’re a nice, normal family.”

-Homer Simpson-

journal entry:

If I was just interested in remembering faces and matching shirts, I would put the pressure on about family photographs.  I am much more interested in personalities and everyday life.  That is why I love the photograph above.  Getting children to sit still in one place is like herding cats.  There is touching, bumping, teasing and wiggling.  Isn’t that what children do, after all?  Two years later, with more little bodies in the mix, I tried to get a quick picture.  Finally, after the mothers had given up and the bribes hadn’t worked, I handed the camera to Melissa and tried to console Afton.  Don’t mind me.  I really didn’t want to be in the picture.  Clara doesn’t like where she is sitting.  Talmage, always the peacemaker is just the same in every shot.  George’s mommy is trying the pine cone bribe, which actually kept him in place long enough for a couple of pictures.

After all is said and done, I love it.  For years to come, I will be able to point out the personalities of these wonderful, little people.  I wish I could have had ALL of the grandchildren together.  Talmage in the middle is the peacemaker and the patient one.  Clara wasn’t happy about where she had to sit.  Afton REALLY didn’t want to be in the picture.  Andrew was busy looking at Holden.  Holden was busy talking to Keeley and pulling faces for Owen.  Keeley was busy  trying to get Owen to look at the camera. Lydia was eating something and George was trying to escape to play the scoop game.  He wondered why his mommy would try to give him pine cones when he had two scoops and a ball.

“What is your fortune you pretty maid?”

“My face is my fortune, Sir,” she said.

-Nursery Rhyme-

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