Through Grandma’s Eyes: The New Mother

“As we grow older, beauty steals inward.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

journal entry:

When new mothers are born, they forget to do a lot of things and learn to do others.  They forget about the clock and forget about sleep.  They forget about other people and other people’s children.  They forget about skinny jeans and late nights.  They forget about going to movies and going shopping.  They forget about cooking and cleaning and forget about going to lunch with friends.  They learn about cat naps and sitting on the floor.  They learn to cook one meal that is big enough to eat twice and they quit dusting furniture.  They forget to put makeup on and how to curl their hair.  They remember why they liked pony tails and remember why they were told that their days of earrings were over.  They feel rested when they walk through WalMart without any money and feel rattled if they have to go somewhere at a certain time.  There is nothing more wonderful than a new baby . . . unless it is a new mother.

“A mother is one to whom you hurry

when you are troubled.”

-Emily Dickinson-

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