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I remembered these images because it was Christmas. They are all images of charity and thoughtfulness. I found them and added the sayings some time ago when I was asked to make some magnets for the Relief Society. As it turned out, they were not used but I tucked them away in a little computer file where I ran across them again.

They are designed to help us to think about our Visiting Teaching callings in many ways. They also apply to those who need help, not through any assignment, but because we know they do and want to ease a burden.

This was one of my favorites. When you have little people at home, days can be long and tiring. The idea of cleaning up once in the morning and never again during the day means that you are over 50 and out-of-touch. If your sisters are young with little ones around them, make the visit short and think of something for the children.



We all know that a visit on the last day of the month is nothing but a statistic.

We are frequently prompted to stop by and knock on the door but don’t.



Most burdens are borne quietly.

Sometimes, in the right moment, a burden shared is a burden relieved.



Isn’t it true that some days we are strong and some days we are not.

Most of us like to appear strong to others.


Most visits with each other are happy.

But, there are times . . . there are situations . . .

where a kind word and a soft hand can steady a heart.

All of these reminders apply to life

with neighbors and strangers.

It is so comfortable to live within our own doors.


A little Merry Christmas thought from Grandma.


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