They’re Not Scraps !

“Look for the bare necessities.”

Baloo from The Jungle Book

journal entry:

Grandpa got a jump on me with this one.   He saved all of the scraps from the punch-out models that his grandsons  had put together with him.  When he piled them on the newspaper and went for the wood glue . . . everyone knew something fun was going to happen.  Unlike the original models, there were no instructions to follow. What came next was MUCH more imaginative than the models had been.

Kids know all about glue.  They know that there are different kinds of glue.  There is grown-up glue and silly kid’s glue.  They know where grown-ups hide the glue. When a child gets to use the grown-up glue they tell you that Grandpa already taught them how and that they don’t need any help.  If I say “well, I don’t know about that” they will say that they do know about glue.  At that point, I get out the wet wipes and hope the glue stays within a reasonable radius of the kitchen counter.

“There’s no such thing as junk to a child.”


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