Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Swing

“Look, you’re really cute

but I can’t understand what you’re saying !”

– From Finding Nemo-

journal entry:

This is a picture of little Afton building up to a “face plant” in the dirt.  Grandpa moved the swing set from the gravel by the sandbox to a softer place in the trees so that when little people fell out of their swings, or ran too fast and sailed right over the swings . . . their little “ouchies” wouldn’t be quite so life changing.   Back and forth.  That is what she said, over and over and over.  Sometimes when she leaned her head WAY over the swing, I had to tie myself to the chair so that I wouldn’t grab her every minute.  Her daddy laughed at me and reminded me that she will only “face plant” once. ( If  kids only did things once, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about them getting hurt after they turned two. )  But, I didn’t say that because I raised my children . . . including his wife and I know it is their turn to do exactly as they please with their children. I told him that I wanted the “once” to be when HE was sitting the closest to her instead of me ! Then her mommy could stare at him instead of me.  Her cousin Holdy did a “back plant ” while the swing set was still in the gravel.  He had just taken off his shirt.  What kind of grandparents put a swing set in the gravel in the first place?  It is true.  I have perfected the art of worrying about these wonderful little people.  Older and wiser means you have seen it all and don’t want to see it again !

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson-

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