Lizard in a Bag

“You have to feed the crickets

to keep the crickets alive

to feed the lizards

to keep the lizards alive . . . or something like that.”

-Jody Rainville-

journal entry:

I’m not sure I like the sound of ” Lizard-in-a-Bag”.  It has a “take-out” sound to it.  Once again, I wasn’t thinking outside of the box but my grandchildren were.  I  provided the plastic dollar store lizards and they asked for Ziploc bags.  They prowled through the yard . . . under the trees and the rocks and even added a poor potato bug or two to their mixture.  I started with moss . . . but they ended up with the forest.  What was I thinking?  It was time to get in the car.  Dad said that no potato bugs could ride in the car today.  He said they belonged to grandpa and he needed them for his dirt.  The kids said “hmmmm” which translated means that something is fishy . . . but they gently put the potato bugs back under the rocks from whence they came.  At least . . . I think they did.  (tee hee)

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