4th of July Skirts

“We can’t all be Washingtons,

but we can all be patriotic.”

-Charles F. Browne-

journal entry:

When I was a child we had neighborhood parades.  A mommy would organize it and other mommies would help.  Around the 4th of July and again around the 24th of July we would celebrate our freedom and our statehood.  Everyone decorated their bikes.  We used crepe paper between the spokes.  We used aluminum foil to make things sparkly.  We used clothespins to attach playing cards to the spokes to make noise when we peddled. We made streamers for the handlebars out of anything bright we could find.  We rifled through our clothes looking for red, white or blue t-shirts.  Some kids made crowns like Lady Liberty wears out of cardboard and aluminum foil.  We met at a certain spot.  Some kids were grouchy because, instead of riding a bike, they had to pull a little brother or sister in a decorated wagon or push a decorated stroller.  Then the parade began.  We went up and down the streets of our neighborhood.  Everyone came out of their houses and onto their lawns.  Older people put chairs out to sit on.  We waved to everyone we knew and everyone we knew clapped and shouted to us. Most of us had to decorate with things we had on hand.   Most didn’t go to the store to buy things.  But, there was always one kid . . . who had more money and went to the store to buy decorations and rode his bike like he was the king. We just looked at him and said “nice bike.”  Oh, well.  Red, White, and Blue was everywhere in July and still is.  Two of my little “dress-up” granddaughters will be able to celebrate in style with these easy skirts.  They are best worn with their red dress-up hats and they might not be the best idea for bikes.  Hooray !

“The winds that blow through the wide sky

in our mountains,

the winds that sweep Canada and Mexico

from the Pacific to the Atlantic-

have always blown on free men.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt-

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