Dress-Up Hats

“Don’t hang your hat higher than you can reach.’

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

As a grandma, I wonder about other grandmas.  What they do and think and how they get by.  Some grandmas have what they need.  Some have a little extra.  Some have a lot extra.  Most have what they need and the creativity to make money stretch and figure things out of other things.  Grandma’s generally have to be careful with their money, so, when I want to do something fun, I prowl the dollar stores and bins first.  These bright and happy hats were just $2.50 in the discount bins as you walk into a Target store.  They are fun and floppy.  I brought them home, tied some soft net around them and added a flower.  I already had the flowers in a bunch.  I just cut off the flowers I wanted with some wire cutters and wrapped the stem with brown florist tape.  Then I just stuck the flower into the net.  Tomorrow these dress-up hats and two red, white and blue 4th of July skirts will be resting in a box on its way to two, little “dress-up” girls.  Grandmas don’t have to spend a lot of money, but they have to pay attention to what their grandchildren like.  Right now, FUNKY is the style.  So, almost anything goes.  Except at Church ! Really . . . except at Church !

“In nature, light creates the color.

In a photograph, color creates the light.”

-Hans Hofmann-

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