Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Thorn

“They’re funny things, accidents.

You never have them ’till you’re having them.”


journal entry:

It is very good to remember that grandmas have cameras too.  Oft times grandmas get wonderful photographs because they aren’t in a hurry.  They aren’t thinking about the wash, or cleaning the house, or going to the store, or fixing dinner.  Grandmas only think about their grandchildren when they come to visit.  They buy “lunchables” to make things easy and Capri Sun punch with straws.  They buy ring pops.  Can you see how easy this is?  Grandmas sit in chairs in the shade and watch things.  They get up when a child wants them to “come and see something”.  Sometimes they get up to referee a dispute over a plastic lizard or a section of the sandbox.  Why not find magic in the ordinary?  Talmage has a thorn in his foot.  I heard the “ouch” and saw the wonderful light on him and the fence and the flower and clicked the photograph. You never know where the next story will come from.  Don’t go anywhere without a camera, grandma !  And, look for the ordinary things.  They are the most important because they are the substance of our everyday lives.

“Beauty can be seen in all things,

seeing and composing the beauty

is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

-Matt Hardy-

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