Through Grandma’s Eyes: The Notebook

“You can’t help respecting anybody

who can spell TUESDAY,

even if he doesn’t spell it right;

but spelling isn’t everything.

There are days when spelling TUESDAY right

simply doesn’t count.”


journal entry:

Most of our time is spent in the company of the ordinary.  Now and then we spend some time in the company of the special.  But, mostly in company of the ordinary.  That means that we have to keep a watch for the magical IN the ordinary.  If we only took photographs of “special things” we wouldn’t have very many.  Real life would be missing. I was settled in a chair, watching a bunch of little grandchildren play.  Suddenly, this one needed a notebook.  I wondered why.  Because I have to write some things down.  Oh.  Okay.  I found one in the kitchen, along with a pen, and passed it along.  He began to write who knows what but whatever he wrote he did it in earnest.  After a minute, I heard him say “okay . . . that’s good . . . okay . . . now I’ll remember.”  When his cousins asked him what he was doing, he said he was “keeping track of things.”  Ordinary moment or special moment?  Special.

“To the uneducated an A is just three sticks.”


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