A Little iPad Case


I get the biggest kick out of making things for Tim.

He always wants “kid” things. Kid fabric for quilts. Kid fabric for toy bags. You name it. He loves it.

He asked me to make a” sleeve” for his iPad

Since his little ones LOVE to use the iPad, he asked that I use “kid” fabric

I did.

Oh. And could  I put some padding in it as well?  ( It gets dropped now and then.)


I used scraps I already had.

I lined the inside with turquoise polka dots and made the outside from a fun jungle print.

The sleeve is padded quite well with quilt batting on both the top and the bottom.

I finished the edges by hand.

I like that part. A little hand stitching.

I like to sit down and do something personal with the things I make.

I especially like to see that my stitches

are getting more and more even in length as I practice.

A little piece of elastic comes over the top and

snags the wooden button to hold the sleeve closed.



Easy. Easy. Easy.



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