A Tiny Tale: The Grasshopper Adventure

“What is green and can jump a mile a minute?

A grasshopper with hiccups!”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

Little people love jokes.  They also love bugs.  Holden has never met a bug that he didn’t like.  I just wish he wasn’t so willing to share them.  I spent all of the years my children were growing trying to pretend that I, too, liked bugs and snakes and other icky things.  So, I nicely told him that he was taking better care of the grasshopper than I could.  He bought it.  Catching bugs is an opportunity to teach about life.  Not everyone feels the same about living things . . . but my children and grandchildren will tell you that in our home you have to be kind.  Kind to a grasshopper ?  Yup.  These gentle, little hands didn’t hurt the grasshopper one bit.  After Holden had compared it to the grasshopper in his brother’s insect book . . . he said good-bye and let it go.  He called:  “Run, run, run for your life. . . run for the hills !”  He had learned this phrase from E.T.  Remember when Elliot let all of the frogs go in the science room?

“When all the birds are faint with sun, and hide in cooling trees,

A Voice will run from hedge to hedge about the new mown mead;

That is the grasshoppers-

He takes the lead in summer luxury-he is never done with his delights,

For when tired out with fun,

He rests with ease beneath some pleasant weed.

-John Keats-

Master Po: Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?

Young Caine: Old man, how is it that you hear these things?

Master Po: How is it that you do not?

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