A Tiny Tale: Why and Because

“There is frequently more to be learned

from the unexpected questions of a child

than the discourses of men.”

-John Locke-

journal entry:

Holden loves “why?”   If something isn’t “what” . . . it is “why?”  He sat on the little garden wagon while grandpa planted the potatoes.  He borrowed grandma’s sunglasses.  Then began a series of  “whys”.  Grandpa started each answer with “because . . . ”   Each “because” prompted another “why?”  Grandpa didn’t flinch.  He had an answer for every question.  He repeated the answer if he got a “what?”  I love pictures without time.  Where time isn’t important.  Holden leaned back against his grandpa and soaked up the sunshine.  Birds sang.  Grasshoppers clicked.  All was well with the world.  From a few photographs during a quiet, warm afternoon, I was able to create a “tiny tale” about “why” and “because”.  These simple moments are like gold to me.

“Clocks slay time . . . time is dead

as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels;

only when the clock stops does time come to life.”

-William Faulkner-

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