Through Grandma’s Eyes: Fathers and Sons

“Every father should remember that one day

his son will follow his example and not his advice.”

-Author Unknown-

journal entry:

Looking forward it seemed so far away.  Looking back it seems to have come so fast.  Grandchildren, I mean.  It doesn’t take much for my heart to be heavy with memories of my own sons when they were just little guys themselves.  Now, living in different places . . . far away from each other, brothers take time to talk.  Their little sons take time to touch fingers and faces and get to know each other.  I prefer photographs such as this one to those with faces lined up and smiling.  I prefer the photographs which tell stories and make you feel like you are watching something quite personal and imagining what is being said.  Photographs capturing more than one generation in time are gold.  Who knows what tomorrow brings?  We know that these little boys will change quickly.  They are lucky boys.  They have good fathers who were also good sons.

“In time of test, family is best.”

-A Proverb-

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