Bottled Peaches

“An apple is an excellent thing until you have tried a peach.”

-George du Marier-

journal entry:

I am not the only one who feels this way.  Everyone talks about it.  The feeling they get when they are finished bottling peaches.  The way the peaches look.  Lined up.  Beautiful.  There is something that goes deep inside when the work is done and the peaches are saved.  Saved for the winter and hard times we hope will never come.  These peaches came from our trees.  We have four.  Each gives us a bushel or so.  That is a lot of peaches.  We eat them with milk and sugar.  We make smoothies.  I make jam and sometimes I even dry them to just chew on.  I don’t feel quite the urgency I did when I was a mother.  Then, if I closed my eyes, my five little children looked like those featherless birds who sit in nests and poke their beaks to the sky.  Having peaches put away made me feel better.

Picking things from trees, or digging things from the dirt is spiritual.  It is bounty.  Peaches are blessings.  From the kitchen to the basement.  Lined up on the shelves with the other food I can exhale and touch the top of each lid one more time.  Just to be sure.

“Always be grateful”


{in the background is grandpa’s beautiful watercolor of corn}

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