Super Easy End-of-Season Peach Pie

“Good peach pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.”

-Jane Austen-

journal entry:

Most people think that grandmothers can make pies.  It seems so “old world” and “long ago”.  I never did learn how to make pies.  At least not very well.  I could have enjoyed making pies much more over the years if I had just made things easy on myself.  I am a simple cook.  I have stayed close to “tried and true” recipes.  The last of the peaches are off of our trees.  They are spread out on newspaper in the garage in various stages of ripening.  Today, everything was ripe.  While I understand that I will lose respect among other grandmothers for what I am about to say, I’ll bet young mothers will say  “YES”,  if they haven’t already figured it out . . . one step ahead of me.

I don’t think that they would make ready pie crusts if you weren’t supposed to use them.  I buy Pillsbury.  I tried generic and they fell apart.  I have used the recipe for many years now.  I simply cut up the peaches, sprinkle them with Fruit Fresh while I am cutting,  add the dry ingredients.  Mix everything together.  Open the pie crust.  Put it into the pie plate.  Then, have fun with the top.  While real bakers have fancy things to make their crusts, I don’t.  But, I do have scissors with fancy edges.  These are true scallop shears.  Long before scrapbooking, I saved my “young mother money” and bought them at the long-gone ZCMI store.  It took me about a year to get them.  They were (gulp) $18.  They joined my pinking shears.  However, I always use pinking shears for sewing but scallop shears for crafts.  Back to the pie.  I cut the top pie crust into strips with the scallop shears.  Then I twisted each strip and laid them across the top of the pie.  If I  had wanted to be perfect and straight  I could have.  If I want to have wiggles and twists like I did today, I can.   I do know enough about pies in general to cut some 2 inch strips of aluminum foil for the edges of the pie.  I pinch the foil around the edges against the pie plate so that the crust won’t burn.  I took the foil off with five minutes left to bake.

I actually don’t mind pies anymore. I used to hate pies.  Making them, that is. When Grandpa gets home, he’ll be so happy that I came to this conclusion. After all, these are the last peaches of the season.

“Peachy keen.”

-A funny saying from the past-

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