Tiny Pumpkin Person

“If the pumpkin fits – wear it.”


journal entry:

I didn’t have a blog when I took these photographs of a new little pumpkin.  I don’t mean the orange pumpkin with the stem.  I mean the human one.  Even grandmas can take fun, staged photographs when a baby is involved.  Babies can’t object.  Well, they can object but they can’t get up and walk away.  Since little Afton was just a couple of weeks old, she was sleeping quite a bit and loved the feel of soft and fluffy things on her skin.  She didn’t like to be uncovered very long.  Her mommy bought the “babies gone batty” onesie and the wonderful striped stockings.  I supplied the pumpkin from the garden and the black and white gingham ribbon.  We gently laid Afton on Grandpa’s fluffy, black fleece jacket.  It was perfect.  As long as she was sleeping, I took my time and took lots of photos.  From every angle.  These are just a few.  I often see grandmas with cameras.  They take a picture here and there.  Usually one.  I wonder what they do when the one picture they took is blurry?  That is why I take many, many, many, many.  I just download and erase.  I will tell you that if I can do it, you can do it.  Looking back I am always so grateful to have taken the extra time and made the extra effort to think about color and everything else in the photograph.  I am getting better at it but still have a lot to learn.  Trick or Treat !

“One cannot manage too many things at once:

that is like trying to hold pumpkins under the water;

when one is pushed down, the rest pop up.”

-Chinese Proverb-

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