June’s June Invitation

“Never wear anything that panics the cat.”

-P.J. O’Rourke-

journal entry:

There are many reasons to clean out things.  To organize and throw away.  This morning it was my filing cabinet next to my desk.  If you file things away, you better be able to remember where they are.  Filing takes work.  I ran across my original from several years ago.  My assignment was to make invitations.  Invitations for an 80th Birthday Celebration.  When I saw this dress in the scrapbook store, I knew that I had found my inspiration.  Born in the 1920s, June wore dresses like this one.  I remembered them.  I had pictures of them.  Even pictures of me next to them.  Most of the dresses she made herself.  Sometimes I had dresses just like hers. Just like this one. Except littler of course. But with pleats.  The belt and the small waist and the purse and the shoes all came together to very accurately represent her.

The trick was making LOTS of invitations since I could only buy one dress.  So, I put together one master.  Then I made color copies two to a page of 8 1/2 by 11 cardstock.  I cut the page in two and folded the cards.  Inside of the cards I had the information.  I used teeny tiny brads to put it all together.  The invitations fit into regular sized card envelopes.  June thought that the invitations were perfect for her.  She wanted some extras for her scrapbook and to give to her friends.  Her friends would remember dresses like this one.   I love color copiers and sales at Kinkos for 29 cents a copy.

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