Grandma’s Pink Cupcakes

“Pink, pink, pink . . . give me everything in PINK.”

-Miss Piggy-

journal entry:

You may think that anyone can decorate cupcakes.  I am here to tell you that I didn’t think I could.  I knew I could frost cupcakes and put sprinkles on them.  I wasn’t sure about anything fancy.  I was especially nervous because I was in charge of the cupcakes for The Pink Party of the Century.  The second birthday of little Afton.  I knew that my daughter was making pink suckers and pink pretzels and pink cake pops with pink balloons and pink lemonade.   I just hoped that I could hold my end of the bargain.  Use a cake decorator.

While on the surface it may seem like a lot of pink, Afton is not just your ordinary two-year-old.  She is a long awaited miracle child whose parents thought it might never be.  She is like a little princess walking on the earth.  And, we all understand.  So, I gave it a shot.  Chocolate cupcakes in white cups.  Pink swirlie frosting with tiny pearls.  Eatable pearls.  When all was said and done, I put them into the fridge.  Even I thought maybe I had done okay.  They weren’t as uniform as they are in Martha Stewart or as tall and fluffy as they are in the bakery . . . but they were pink and yummy and just fine for a little girl who was turning two and whose mommy was so grateful for her that she wanted everyone to know.  A Pink Party.

Afton’s mommy exhaled when she saw the cupcakes.  Oh, mom.  They are just perfect.  Hummm.  Guess I will try frosting cupcakes this way again.

“No try . . . just do.”



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