afterthought: the playroom

Family Gathering 2019

This little afterthought has to do with the playroom.
I think that the playroom is more for my satisfaction
than for the satisfaction of my grandchildren. 

Could that be true?

Everything has a place and most of the toys
and books and art have been thrifted.
That is why I have so many things that are
old-fashioned and brightly colored.


Even though our gathering starts out with
the reminder to” put things away
when you are finished playing with them”,
the thought does not stay in little minds very long.
That is especially true when there are MANY children
playing in the small room.
After awhile, everyone gives up
and this is how the playroom looks
for the second half of the family gathering.


There is nothing more to say except that

even a mess in the playroom can be interesting.


The white tray is from IKEA. I have more than one.

This tray, at $1.97, is perfect for LEGOS.

It keeps the LEGOS off of the floor

and out from under bare feet.

Most of the playroom LEGOS came from

and were purchased over time.

Those that didn’t come to the playroom that way were thrifted.

Before the thrift stores began to think about the demand for LEGOS

they used to be generous with the number of LEGOS

that they put in a bag.

I filled this particular jar with a $6.99 bag. 

If you don’t know about the cost of LEGOS, brace yourself.


-Grandmother of the Playroom-

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