afterthought: crashing down the hill

Family Gathering 2019

Little kids like to crash.

This hill, on the side of our home, is steep and long.
 Even big kids like to ride the small vehicles down the hill
and purposely crash at the bottom.
Of course, the bottom of the hill is covered
with soft, summer grass.
Nevertheless, who can say if the landing will be soft.
This is just an afterthought.

If it isn’t the little bikes it is a wagon.
A wagon works well if you get a running start.

Fifty years ago, when Matthew was a small child, we had a little neighbor boy who loved to ride his trike down 5 cement steps. His name was Wesley and he was tough. He would pull his trike back up to the top and do it over and over.

I never heard him cry.

Who would do such a thing?

Here are three examples right in our own family.

Maya, Tucker and Henry.

I didn’t hear anyone cry at our house either

and they had every reason to.

This is just an afterthought.

“I’m getting used to things like this.”


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