afterthought: hammocks

Family Gathering 2019

We love hammocks. We have three, as an afterthought I remembered how many times I had seen the children in them. Many, Many, times. Sometimes a child was reading and sometimes a child was sleeping. Now and then a child was hiding.

We have had hammocks for as long as we have had big trees. Climbing in them is one of the first things the children do when they come to visit.

As an afterthought, I was thinking about the hammocks and the yard and the swing under the deck and I felt happy to have so many places for children to rest.

No phones. Just good books and conversation.

How nice.

“As an afterthought . . . it is usually quiet
around the hammocks.
That is the place where busy children rest.
Sometimes there are two or three in one hammock.”



-Grandma –

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