End-of-Summer Flowers


In the early summer, my yard flowers are
pink, purple and white.
Now and then there is a yellow
and an occasional red.
As the summer progresses, the white daisies fade
 the Baby’s Breath goes dry and the hardy, fall-colored flowers
come into their own.
It is wonderful to walk into the yard
and cut fresh flowers.
I have few small bottles of different kinds of oil,
into which I have inserted stoppers.
One drop of oil in a vase such as the one above
will make a room smell wonderful
for as long as the flowers are on display.

These are State Fair Zinnias.
They are my favorite kind of zinnias.
Since they are annual,
they have to be planted every year.
You can harvest the seeds as each blossom dies
or leave them in place when the winter comes
and let them drop their seeds for the next spring.
This year we planted them in the vegetable garden
instead of in the flower beds.
They are growing very tall and blossom-big
and did much better this year planted in this way.
They love full sun and they get it in the garden.
This row, about thirty feet,
came originally from one flat of small flowers.



Each year we buy most of our vegetable and flowers from
Cook’s Greenhouse in Lindon, Utah

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