Aprons for Animals


Little girls love dress-ups. They love to dress-up little animals, too.

I found several small pieces of fabric with an old-fashioned/vintage look

and made teeny, tiny aprons for some playroom animals I know.



I made the ties nice and long for little fingers to work with

and used bright and cheery colors.

I love the white flowers around the waist of this little purple apron !


 It was easy to make up the patterns for each of these little aprons.

I cut them from card stock scraps.


These little animal friends are ready for the next tea party.

I think that it may be sooner than they think !

 I know a little girl named Afton who has a tea party almost every day.

{ And, Afton has an apron, too }.

“Wearing an apron shows very good manners.”


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