“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”



I know two very talented ballerinas. They have ballet shoes and bouncy skirts and move with grace. They are three and five and their names are Afton and Lydia. So, when I ran across a beautiful picture of a ballerina, I started looking for more. And found them !  I saved the images to Picasa and printed out collages. I printed two copies of each sheet and cut the pictures apart on one sheet. Just like my Match the Hats game, I used one dollar cookie sheets and a one dollar tin.


Once the little girls get older, I think that I will make another game using pictures from famous ballets. The little girls can guess which ballet has the Sugar Plum Fairy and which one has Sleeping Beauty. I think that I would even have fun playing it.

Store the collage sheets right on the cookie sheet with a piece of paper between each sheet. Store the magnets inside of the pink tin with one magnet on the lid. Plenty of details for little eyes to study in these pictures along with beautiful costumes and ballet “moves” to copy.

“I have never known a little girl who at one time or another,

didn’t want to be a ballerina.”



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