Match the Hats


“We just know inside that we are queens,

and these are the crowns that we wear.”




This may be one of my favorite projects !  Really !  I have always loved hats but look horrible in them. I admire them on other people and remember a time in my childhood when women wore them commonly. I started looking around the Internet for pictures of vintage hats and found many. I saved images to Picasa and collaged them. Then I printed them out on magnet sheets. I printed two copies of each collage.

I trimmed the pictures on the collages slightly smaller than the images on the un-cut magnet sheets. I bought metal cookie sheets at the dollar store and used pink tins from the same place. I found SO many hats that I couldn’t choose which hats to include and which to ignore. So, I ended up with five sheets of hats and five sheets of corresponding magnets.


When you collage in Picasa, you can do it many ways. At first I tried the even grid which makes each picture the same size. It didn’t look quite right to me so I used the element which organizes the pictures on the page but in different sizes. Perfect. Some were really big and some were very small. I made the collage background light pink on all of the magnet sheets since this game is without a doubt . . . well, feminine.


Here is another page. Don’t you just want one of these old fashioned porcelain heads to put on your desk? I DO ! I remember seeing them in the big department stores when I was a child. Sometimes they displayed hats like these and sometimes they displayed jewelry.  I put one of the magnets on the lid to identify the contents. This Match the Hats game is for a couple of little girls I know. With two cookie sheets and the magnets spread out in the middle, I think two little girls will be entertained. I plan to ask them to tell me about each hat and where the lady is going in such a fancy hat.


Now. I confess that this was a rather pricey project. Magnet sheets are not cheap. But, with a coupon for any of the craft stores, they become a bearable expense.

I put a piece of white paper in between each magnet sheet and stacked them on top of each other. When the little girls are ready to play, they can lay the cookie sheet on the floor and dump out the matching magnets.  Clean up is a snap and the pictures are WONDERFUL !

(Where in the world can I get one of these heads?)

“You cannot hide in a hat.”


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