Bears Bears Bears: Little Skipper

journal entry:


Little Skipper IS “all boy”.  I could tell right from the start. Rather than make a “tiny tale” about Skipper I decided to let George do it. George is three. Skipper is going to his house for Christmas.  A “You Tell the Story” book is my way of enjoying the imagination of a child. Each page has a photograph of Skipper and several words which describe the things on the page.  As the mommy or daddy or grandma or grandpa or older sister reads the words and George looks at the picture, he can be nudged along to tell US what is happening.

Don’t you just love these “alien” jammies ?  I do. Skipper does. George will.

Armed with so many fun words,

George should have no trouble at all telling a story


Skipper and his wonderful pajamas.





Skipper even has a friend.  A very funny lamb named CHOP

(a tiny lamb from Hobby Lobby)

with a warm hat from the Christmas ornament aisle. (really. I just cut off the hanging string)

Together they love to play with wooden cars and trucks.

(from the dollar aisle at Micheal’s Crafts)

Skipper loves to wear his dinosaur hoodie. (one dollar at Kid-to-Kid)



Skipper often wears his camo onesie and when it is cold, his doggie hat and mittens.

Little Skipper likes to be warm !



Oh. And did I mention that Little Skipper likes to walk on the wild side?

George does too.

They were made for each other!

( but the big alligator stays in Grandma’s playroom)



Skipper likes to just pad around in his polar bear slippers.

(one dollar at Deseret Industries)

Can you say Skipper Slippers over and over?

(neither can I)


Well, Little Skipper. Off you go to George’s house for Christmas.

Your trunk is packed and yes, I put your alligators and toys inside!




(all of the photographs are mine. if you use them, please note where they came from.)


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