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journal entry:


Alice is a surprise for Lydia.  (I love you, Lyddie)  Lydia is five. I bought Alice many years ago. She sat around and lived in a box, traveled to other people’s houses but never did have any pretty clothes to speak of. Until now. I washed her and fluffed her fur and asked her what she would like to wear. She said “bling-bling”.  I asked her what that meant since I was just a Grandma. She told me that “bling-bling” is when you wear something that makes you feel really fancy and special. Okay. I understood. I set out to dress Alice the Bear for a special, little girl I knew.  (for Christmas, but don’t tell)



Grandma soon found that Alice looked simply wonderful in EVERYTHING.

Rompers and straw hats and little sweaters and pink bracelets.

She looked wonderful in every color and on every color of chair.




Would Lydia love Alice?




Grandma scrounged around the house for things with “bling”. She found necklaces and bracelets and hair flowers. She gave Alice some little, fluffy friends and bought her a wonderful trunk to keep her clothes in. Grandma explained that Alice would be going to a new home. A special home where a little girl named Lydia lived. Other bears would be going with her. They had names like Priscilla the Princess and Little Skipper.

Alice wondered if Lydia would love her?  Will she dress me? Will she change my clothes? Will she take me places to see the world? Will she put me in bed at night? Will she fold my clothes away carefully in my trunk?  YES. Grandma said yes. Lydia will do all of those things and more.

Alice the Bear smiled. She was ready to pack.



So. Alice will have a new home. So will her friend Priscilla.

So will Little Skipper.

(his story comes next)

(Alice is about twenty years old.)

She is chubby and fluffy.

(Very huggable)

Her clothes came from everywhere around the world.

(But, mostly from Kid-to-Kid and Deseret Industries)

Most were 6-12 month-size.

Her accessories mostly came from around the house. (My house)

Her trunk came from Hobby Lobby.

(With a 50% coupon from the Internet)

I have to admit that I bought the black net headband at regular price.

($2.99 at Ross.  Alice just had to have it for this outfit !)

All the photographs are mine. (Taken with a Canon 50D)

You are welcome to share them but PLEASE say where they came from. Thank you.



Merry, Merry Christmas !



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