Birthday Hats for Happy Heads


journal entry:

What is it about funny hats? Every occasion seems to have its hats. Rarely does anyone mind looking silly . . . if it is their birthday !

Heather and Clara share a birthday.

It just happens to be close to the days when our family is “getting together”.


We will tuck a birthday celebration into the FUN !

I made these hats out of things I had on hand. The hats themselves are made from large peat pots. They are painted with gray chalkboard paint. I plan to write a name on each before the party.

I cut a few things with my Silhouette Cutting Machine such as the butterflies on the yellow hat and the 3d cast on the red hat. They are attached with tiny wire.

I poked holes in the top to accommodate each decorative piece.

I poked holes in the sides and tied teeny elastic through the holes to fit around the chins and hold on the hats.

The pom pom trim is glued on.



“So many hats . . . and only one head!”

– Unknown-




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