Frugal Hats for Family Get-Togethers



I am making the assumption that the girls will like bling and boys the will like sports.

I realize it could be the other way around but I am old fashioned and I love rhinestones.

Grandpa is old fashioned and he likes sports.

I usually make t-shirts for our “get-togethers”

  but this year I made . . . well, didn’t make but embellished hats.

They have Velcro in the back so they are easily adjustable to every head.

The price was right.

These hats came in red, blue and tan and were $1 at Dollar Tree.

( My son doesn’t believe me when I say that I buy most things at the dollar store. )

You who shop at the dollar store know

that it is not only true . . . but FUN !


I bought red for the girls and blue for the boys.

I bought the initials at Hobby Lobby. Both the “bling” and the “sports” were 99 cents each.

The day that I bought them they were fifty percent off.

Yup. It’s true.

Just 50 cents each.

They are iron-ons and they were EEZee ! 




“You’d have to be the Queen to get away with wearing a hat like that !”

-Overheard but Unknown-





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