Wind Chimes from Silver Spoons


 “The rustle of the wind and the sound of the delicate chimes reminds us that a fairy is near.”

-Unknown but True-

I have seen so many wonderful uses for old spoons. I first met old spoons when I decided to make pincushions with them. Little, delicate pin cushions which nestled right in the spoon and looked lovely.

The spoons and serving pieces I bought were usually no more than a dollar at the second hand stores. I am told that silver has increased in value. Maybe the spoons would be more than a dollar today.  I did take some time to find them. Rarely did I find two alike.

When I saw beautiful wind chimes that others had made with their tarnished silver spoons, I knew that I wanted such a wind chime over my shoulder.

I am blessed to have such a quiet and lovely place to do the things I love to do. To sew. To create. To photograph. Doors open into the yard where there are trees and grass and flowers and gardens and birds. As a breeze comes through the screen door . . . the wind chimes begin to move.  Just enough to touch the spoons against each other and just enough for the clear beads to pick up the light.

Grandpa drilled a tiny hole in the handle of each spoon. I slipped fishing line through the hole and tied it off at the top. I made the line in the spoons different lengths so that things would hang at different levels. I used fishing line to string some large beads. Some are silver. Some are pearls. Most are pastel crystals. They love the light.

I added my brass dragonfly hook and also two ceramic knobs. One knob is a blue flower and one is a red.

They are hanging with their petals down.

I used my small birdie watering can for the top of the chime and added a metal flower. I hung the fishing line carefully over places in the tail and on the feet until I was happy with the way things looked and how the spoons sounded when the breeze moved them around.

They have a soft and wonderful sound.

My window faces west. The doors outside face south. Cottonwood trees block most of the afternoon sun but some gets through. In the winter it is wonderful. In the summer it can be bright and warm. That is why I have covered my window. Just enough to temper the light without blocking it. I used this beautiful cling pattern from Home Depot. The light coming through the “stained glass” gives everything a beautiful amber glow.

The look of the wind chimes against this backdrop is especially pleasant.

Little things make a house a home.

Little things reward our souls with peace.

Old things . . . gently worn . . . like the silver spoons, are mysteries.

Where did they come from? Who ate from them? How did they end up in a second-hand store?

 One belonged to a child?  Who?

Whose little silver spoon with the delicate flowers

is hanging in my window?

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