Carrots and Horses

Family Gathering 2019

There is nothing unusual about feeding horses when you come to Grandma’s house. There are some favorites of course and for very good reasons.
There are horses in the field and in the stalls and sometimes in the corral.
Tucker likes Pip.
Pip is a tiny horse with a shy temperament. Grown-ups have to distract the horse who is in charge of the pasture so that Tucker can give Pip a carrot through the fence.
The funniest horse is Dakota. He is a bully but a nice and funny bully. If you put your hand in the air or raise your hand with a carrot in it he will lift his head high and talk to you while he shows you his teeth.
Dakota has an eye on everything at once, even though he can’t look straight ahead but has to look at you with his head slightly turned. That is because his eyes are on the sides of his head and yours are in the front of your face.

Try to remember that.

Dakota doesn’t like hay as much as he likes carrots. Henry is trying to change Dakota’s mind. Actually, Dakota’s favorite time of year is when Grandpa’s orchard is ripe, just over the fence, and Grandpa throws the horses apples and pears. Some days, in the early fall, when Grandpa is harvesting, the horses stand by the fence and whinny and neigh to Grandpa so that he won’t forget them.

Grandpa leaves the carrots in the ground so that you can pull them up for the horses all through the winter.

They are starting to get big and fat and are turning into funny shapes. The horses don’t care what they look like but know that they will watch you through the fence when they see your hands full and they will make horse noises until you open the gate and come their way.

What is wrong with this picture?

( Melissa, cover your eyes. )

Olive loves horses. All horses.

She has worked with this shy, white horse to gain his trust and before I could adjust my camera, she had slipped through the fence and was standing on the other side with her little hands on the horse’s neck. The kind, white horse is ridden quite a bit. He is a passive and gentle horse and when Olive rubbed his neck, he closed his eyes and relaxed. I told her to climb back through the fence and I would try to explain my negligence to her mother.


This is just a small and simple post to include the horses
in our Family Gathering for 2019.

– Grandmother –

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