Church Doll in a Bag


Baby is on a wonderful schedule. Every day she eats her lunch and takes a nap. Everyday except Sunday. On Sunday her mother fusses over her, fixes her hair and washes her face and dresses her in uncomfortable clothes . . . right at naptime. That is why baby needs a church doll to comfort her little mind.

In this little bag is a baby, swaddled and warm, a bottle for comfort and a fluffy pillow in a teeny tiny pillowcase. Baby can pull them out and treat HER baby to lunch and a quiet nap. I predict that wrapping and unwrapping the baby will prove to be a tender, comforting task for a tired little person.


(From the beautiful poem Cradle Song by Sarojini Naidu)

Sweet, shut your eyes,

The wild fireflies

Dance through the fairy neem;

From the poppybole

For you I stole

A little lovely dream.


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