Collage Photography for Grandmothers Like ME


My photo editing skills are very basic. That is why I love to use Picasa and used to love Picnik (which is closing in April and I will miss it so much through my tears)  I keep an online file of images which I have found on the Internet. I look for things that will lend themselves to backgrounds and enhancements for photographs.  In this case, my granddaughter Keeley is deep into the adventures of Nancy Drew and The Secret of the Old Clock. By holding both photos in the tray at the bottom left of Picasa and then selecting “collage”, I am able to then choose “multi-exposure” which overlays the two photographs.  Keeley loves to read and so the photograph becomes symbolic as well as interesting.


Afton is wearing her Pilgrim hat. The hat I made for the little girls for Thanksgiving. She wore it to the park on Thanksgiving Day. It was cold. But, that didn’t stop the grandchildren from playing for an hour or so. Her serious face, framed by a reminder that Spring eventually comes is especially touching to me. Little girls are as fresh and perfect as any blossom. That makes the photograph one I personally love.




Owen.  What a treasure. Always running. Never still. Full of hellos and good-byes. Growing fast. Using the small shoes with this photograph I was able to express the sadness we all feel when children grow up. Not that we don’t love them all through the years, but we miss their squeezy little bodies.


The hearts remind me how much I love my sweetie Afton. Hearts and animals and tutus and magnifying glasses. And PINK.  Lots of PINK !

“Nature speaks in symbols and signs”.

-John Greenleaf Whittier-


  1. Annick

    I LOVED these pics!!! I have been using Picasa for YEARS but I never knew it had the multi-exposure function. I learn something new everyday…and I thank you for teaching me that 😉 That little trick adds SO much dimension to a “regular” picture! You did and amazing job Grandma!!

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