Valentine Cottage


Valentine’s Day.  Very fun. Used to be that children took Valentines around to their friends in the evening. They put the Valentine on the porch, rang the doorbell and hid. Sometimes boys tied strings to their Valentines and pulled them as their friends tried to pick them up. I don’t think that anyone does that anymore. Except for the Valentine Man. He was a tradition Grandpa started when our children were little. He asked for five brown paper bags, which he filled with something special for each child. He rang the doorbell five different times. One for each child. At first the kids wanted to run outside and see if they could find him but I persuaded them that he might not come if they did that.  We have grandchildren who answer the door to the Valentine Man.



I don’t care about jewelry or any of the other traditional Valentine gifts. I do like fresh flowers. I have to admit that. Usually, Grandpa and I just find funny cards and call it good. There comes a point in life where stuff is just stuff.  I would be perfectly happy in a little Valentine Cottage like this one.  Home is home.


On the roof are two love-birds in their nest and on the porch are too affectionate rabbits. I used scraps of card stock and various paper tapes.  The roof is pink corrugated paper.  The banner is made from wire with little hearts connected to it and the flags are little chipboard pieces.  A flower opens the door.

 “Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace.”







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