Comfort Quilts for Children





journal entry:

We know a family whose Mommy is passing away. She has colon cancer. Three little children are being pulled along in the flow and only they and our Heavenly Father know what is in their little hearts.  My daughter asked me if I would make three little comfort quilts for them.

Oh, yes.

How wonderful to be able to do “something”.

The zebra quilt above and below was very fun to make. It is tied on the zebra tails with black and white striped cotton yarn, trimmed with slight scallops on the border and bound by hand with blind stitches front and back.

I chose images from my illustration collection on my computer and made fabric labels. The labels are all quite large and no two labels are alike. The label was sewn onto the quilt with a zig-zag stitch after the quilt was finished. Just before I added the finishing stitches, I pushed a little batting inside of the label to make it puffy.



(This zebra quilt is for a seven-year-old boy.) 


This fabric was certainly one of my most recent favorites.

In fact, I loved it so much that I made this quilt and then bought another piece for a second.

This quilt is tied with cotton thread and bound by hand, front and back, using a blind stitch.

This quilt makes me think of Easter Eggs.

(This one for a pretty little girl who is also seven.)


Here is another handmade fabric label using a book illustration.

(I never make anything to sell. The labels are unique and for my own use.)


(This is for a little boy who is three.)

Ahhhhh. Beautiful fabrics. Today they are so unique that it is hard to choose.

That is why I like to use three different fabrics for each quilt.

Little boys love airplanes and rocket ships and outer space.

This little quilt is flannel. It is tied and hand-bound with a blind stitch, top and bottom.


Making these little quilts is such a small thing

compared to the big things which face these sweet children.

I am so grateful to be able to do something.


” Little things comfort us because little things afflict us.”


(This mommy has since passed away.)


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