Fabric Fairy Wings



journal entry:

Oli and I went for a long walk. We were looking for special treasures and little fairy things. It is fortunate that we both had empty pockets because the ingredients for Fairy Soup were everywhere. Oli found nut shells to make into boats and green moss and tiny pine cones and pretty berries. She found a white feather and some unusual rocks and a stirring stick.

Up and down the street we went. Taking our time.

Even Oli’s dog Rascal found a few unusual things using his very fine nose.

Are you ready to make some fairy soup? 

Oli patted her hands over her pockets and then patted mine.

Yes. We have the “gredients” in our pockets.




You may be asking yourself what Fairy Soup has to do with Fairy Wings.

Well. I will tell you.

At Oli’s home we found a large bowl and one of mommy’s aprons.

We added some water to the bowl and then emptied our pockets right into the water.

Oli stirred everything together and declared it to be Magic Fairy Soup.

Then, after some thought, she said that there was a problem because she didn’t have any wings. Fairy Wings. I asked her if she could grow some. She laughed and called me silly. I told her that I could make some on my sewing machine . ( She wanted pink ) She wanted to get the sewing machine and make them right that minute. I had to explain in a much abbreviated way that I would have to make them “tomorrow” and bring them back to her.

Oli was satisfied with my solution though somewhat annoyed with the delay.


Above are the Magic Fairy Wings. I made them from fabric pieces I had on hand.

The arms slip into some elastic which is sewn in loops at the top.

The wrists slip into some elastic loops which are sewn at the far end of each wing at the top.

( The important measurements are from wrist to wrist and from neck to waist.  )





“This grandmother has her eyes wide open every second

just in case her grandchildren don’t fly as well as they thought they could.”



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