Noah’s Ark With A Twist



journal entry:

I could not believe my eyes. This beautiful ARK was tucked into the corner of the bottom shelf in the collectible’s case at Deseret Industries. I tried to discipline myself and not look any closer because I just knew it would be too expensive for my “thrifting” habit and I would feel sad that I couldn’t/shouldn’t buy it.

My maturity about the whole thing lasted mere seconds . . . . . I quietly motioned the clerk to the case and told him that I wondered about the price. Just curious. For fun. Probably too expensive.



He carefully lifted it out and together we reached our hands inside and pulled out a few old and injured animals. A zebra without legs, two pigs with broken ears, a wonderful lion without his mate and a little, white dove . . . well, you know the story of the dove . . . and two perfect geese.

A bell was still in the little tower on the top and everything else was in perfect condition.

Nothing broken. Everything faded.

The ARK had the kind of dust on it that must have gathered for years in an attic. I imagined there must have been a time when a child had been surprised by this wonderful gift.  Do you think that children today think about ARKS ? Maybe if NOAH and the ARK is a video game?

Judging by how few animals have survived the passing years,

 I assume that this ARK has been greatly loved and frequently handled.


The ARK in its original form had figures of Noah, his wife, and his three sons. I know because I have found pictures of an ARK just like this one on the Internet. (see the bottom of this post) Finding animals to fill the ARK again would be a reasonable task but finding Noah and his family would be quite another.

I have images of similar Arks from the past. Those who built them and filled them with people and animals took various liberties with their interpretation of the ARK and its passengers. I decided that I would, too. I would give the inhabitants of this ARK meaning for me.


Modern” Noahs” and their wives are called upon to do many unexpected and unusual things. Modern children and grandchildren look to their ancestors for examples of righteous and happy living. Sometimes older people can see more clearly on some points than younger people. They also seem to have more time.  Older people can often be less demanding. Older people can set good examples of how to grow old gracefully (Noah certainly knew about growing old) . . . of how to support one another . . .  and often do surprise everyone by taking measured risks like sitting on the edge of the ARK not far from the water.

Animals love to please their masters and usually do what they are asked to do. Animals also love to work. Isn’t that interesting? The little dove did as she was asked and returned from her flight to Noah with her report. Nothing yet. How did that dove know to break off a little branch as a sign to Noah that there was indeed reason to rejoice.



There was plenty to do on the ARK. I shudder at the thought.

There was the work of getting the animals in and the work of keeping the ARK clean. Later, there was the work of getting the animals out. They had to be friends for some time and not eat each other in order to re-populate the earth.

The jobs required to maintain the ARK required the right tools. Children learn from their parents and grandparents how to work and how to match a tool to a job. Once the ARK came to a rest, the challenge of starting a new life in a new world would have been breathtaking. Imagine having the responsibility to re-populate the earth. Oh, the hard work it must have been to plant and tend and harvest.

Work is a virtue.




I imagine that there was a lot of prayer on the ARK.

 Children learn to pray by example.




The geese and the pigs (above) were original to the ARK. The pigs, which are made of glass, have broken ears but still came as they were called and waited inside while the rain began to fall.

I had to include snakes . . . even though I felt squeamish about it. If snakes made some noise, I might not be quite so worried about them. I don’t like things that can sneak up on me.  These particular snakes were on the jewelry aisle.



Grandpa mentioned that all of the animals seemed quite excited. Some were climbing and some were jumping and some were leaning over the edge. Most of these animals came from Michael’s and are the “baby versions” of the animals sold there.  They are made of a very hard plastic . . . so . . . should I ever let little hands re-arrange things on the ARK, I know that these won’t break. That is not true of Noah and his family or the pigs or geese.

Oh. Or the lonely lion.


All obeyed the call to come to Noah.

(Oh . . . to have watched that parade.)



The lion, from the original ARK is worried. He is waiting for his Mate. He doesn’t think that this is a good time for her to be late. Whether coming or going on the real ARK some animals were present in twos and some in sevens.

That is what the scriptures tell us.



Imagine what Noah and his family must have thought about the future. Actually, what in the world (no pun intended) would any person think about the future in that situation? Would you simply fill your heart with hope, faith and lots of dreams ?




Finished and safely in the cabinet.





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Here is a photograph of an “original” ARK like I have found. My ARK is missing the ramp and the sails but Grandpa says he will build one for me if I really want one. I added a weather vane to my ARK in place of a lightening rod and have not yet made some sails. In this photo, the mighty Lion is standing with his mate and two little turtles are taking their time walking up the ramp.


“We always admire the other fellow more

after we have tried to do his job.”

-William White-

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