Quilts for Snuggle Time



journal entry:

Everyone is coming.

 Tied them on the kitchen table and bound them by hand.

Started months ago since I am not as productive as I would like to be

and need more time than I used to.

Ended up with 20 finished quilts, designed for evening snuggle time

after a long day of cousins, sunshine and water.

From my digital illustration collection, I created unique fabric labels. I used some of my favorite illustrations for these labels.  (my use only-not for sale) Then, I made a collage of the labels and printed them out at home on printable fabric. I followed the color-fast instructions and sewed them on with a zig-zag stitch. Some got an extra poof of stuffing and some didn’t.




I know a little boy who loves trucks . . . and cars and trailers and buses.

This one is for him.

I cut my bindings on the bias. Since the patterns are straight on most polka-dot fabrics, and I use dots quite a bit on the backs, I am able to keep the dots straight as I bind the quilt. I use a blind stitch – top and bottom.



Quincy’s Dad said PINK. Anything pink. Flamingos are pink.

This binding was also cut on the bias and I was able to maintain the pattern.

I had to be quite careful to keep it straight all the way around both sides.



Afton saw this one before I could get everything put away.

She chose it without hesitation and reminded me that she needed a puffy label on it.

What a fun way to join wonderful children’s book illustrations with magical fabric.




I was pretty careful to keep this binding straight so that the dots lined up all the way around.

The binding strip is cut on the bias and is about 3 1/2 inches wide at the start.

   CHOMP !






I am just a wreck after I walk through fabric stores.

The choices for unique and quality fabric just keep increasing.

I love to mix and match the patterns

and no longer run away from bindings that have patterns.

I think that I have finally figured it out.




Oh, the yummy colors and patterns of today’s fabrics !



Having seen The Jungle Book twice . . . both times in the company of grandchildren,

I love anything with animals even more than I did

including the bear and fox from this vintage illustration.




Lisbeth Zwerger is one of my favorite illustrators.

This drawing of Dorothy and Toto from her The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book

had the perfect colors for this pastel animal quilt.




This one was almost texture overload.

I couldn’t resist this artful illustration on top of this vibrant fabric.




Birds are flying everywhere !  They are so magical.

You might notice that I bound the previous quilt

with the same navy blue fabric that I put on the back of this quilt.




I love the muted colors of this quilt.

Some of the quilts have slightly scalloped edges

which were just as easy as straight edges to bind.

Cut on the bias, bindings like this one,

finished front and back with blind stitches are very easy.



Tally might be out of quilt range soon.

So. I made this possibly last childhood quilt out of really neat fabric

covered with feathers and backed with subtle, brown fish.

I like to use a third print to finish these little quilts.

( I guess that goes without saying . . . )




Another bright and funky combination of fabrics

with a fabric label made using a vintage illustration.



Little Red Riding Hood. This is really fun fabric.

I picked two colors out of the fabric for the back and the binding.




Last, but not least . . . wonderful animals in interesting and unusual colors.




“Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Today is the time.

Don’t put off anything.”




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