Toy Bags from Pajama Pants

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Sometimes I see fabric that is kind of unusual. I imagine that BIG companies can have their own fabric designed and that is why I love to thrift Pajama Pants for some projects. At Deseret Industries they are $2 and I happen to know that it takes quite a bit of fabric to make a large pair of pajama pants.

I have learned that unique and SOFT fabrics are often used for these pants. I throw everything into the wash. I cut off the waistband and each of the seams and then I make little toy bags or other things using the fabric. I like to use ribbon for the drawstrings. Sometimes I use wooden spools because it is fun to push them down the ribbon and have the bag close.



I like being able to say to my grandchildren

“you are going to lose that. . . get a bag !”

It is even more fun if the bags are

“cute”  (if you are a girl)


“cool” ( if you are a boy).


I have to admit that I do get a kick out of turning “something” into “something else” .

  • -Grandma-

( This week is our annual family get-together. Bags for all.)

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