Creepy Crawly Caterpillar


” How To Tell the Wild Animals”

-Carolyn Wells-

(last verse)

The true chameleon is small,

A lizard sort of thing;

He hasn’t any ears at all,

And not a single wing.

If there is nothing on the tree,

‘Tis the Chameleon you see.

What is hiding in the tins?

It must be very interesting to these wild and hungry animals.

There are hints on the lids.

Chompy leaves and colorful bugs.

He is looking at the picture. Those bugs look pretty tasty to him.

I don’t eat bugs but they look very pretty to me !

( But, wait. What is that behind the lid? )

Oh, my !

A squishy, blue caterpillar.

Do you want to get it out and see how it feels?

Do you want to know how long it is?

Once you take the caterpillar out,

will he let you put him back in?


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